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How We're Helping

We believe the critical first step is to restore HOPE and reach out directly to those who are homeless, or who may be at risk of being homeless. Our approach is to build a relationship based on trust and respect with those in need through direct personal outreach. Together with our partners, we aim to Break the Cycle, and Reverse the Trend of Homelessness. Once we have gathered the necessary personal information and determine specific needs, we then establish the clients' PURPOSE in moving their life forward. We work with each person to empower them to take their life back and begin to experience positive change. 
When a client acknowledges readiness to change, ALEA Bridge (AB) serves as a catalyst coaxing each one to self-identify their own purpose that starts them on their individual journey to regain their inherent right as a person, to be valued, respected for their own sake, and to be treated ethically with human dignity.
We follow each individual throughout the process, recognize their incremental achievements, and celebrate their significant milestones. We help them realize their SUCCESS along the way. We continue to follow-up and engage with our clients to ensure that long-term SUCCESS is attainable and sustainable.
Our clients' success is our success.