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About Achieve Zero

Founded in January 2016 Achieve Zero, formerly known as ALEA Bridge, champions to provide outreach and afterhours outreach homeless services and referrals to North Shore – Waialua – Haleiwa - Wahiawa – Mililani as well as Aiea – Waialua – Pearl City – Waipahu – Ewa – Kapolei regional communities. Our mission strives to "End Homelessness." Our vision embodies, “Reducing homelessness on O'ahu through the delivery of quality, comprehensive services and effective partnerships.”
Our organization currently serves more than 1,000 homeless and at-risk homeless, individuals, families, veterans, and youth. We desperately need your support and donation to keep our doors open to continue lending a helping hand to this our most vulnerable community members devastated by poverty, homelessness and hunger. As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic steadily continues to rise, so does a growing number face homelessness or at-risk of becoming homeless. Now, our services are needed more than ever. This need for services grows daily and will steadily increase into the unforeseeable future. In these unprecedented times, the COVID-19 pandemic has left many families and individuals facing uncertainty with little or no food, unemployed, and many at risk of losing their home and all that they have.
With our working public and private partners, our dedicated and committed staff while wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and good hygiene deliver relief assistance by providing access to water, hygiene packets, keeping North Shore bathroom facilities clean and open, assessing the health of the vulnerable homeless community, delivering supplemental food at pantries and foodbank distribution sites, and connecting our community to a wealth of informational resources via social media, e-mail subscription and internet. Our primary focus on people remains the health and wellbeing of our community and less fortunate “brothers and sisters”. We kindly and humbly ask for a donation so that we may continue to serve you and our community.
Kindly donate today! Your generous donation and support will help serve more than 1,000 individuals, families, veterans and youth by making assistance possible in the vital areas of housing, legal services, education, employment training and retention, mental health and substance abuse referral, medical insurance, food pantries, hygiene resulting in a stronger, healthier island community. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Mahalo nui loa!