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Achieve Zero

"End Homelessness." 

Our Mission

"End Homelessness."

Our Vision

"Maintain a state of Functional Zero by focusing on community, healing, and human dignity."

Courageous Change

In the words of Roy Bennett, "Change begins at the end of your comfort zone." Change occurs when we are willing to embrace the unknown and step out of familiarity. Jamie Horton exemplifies the courage it takes to make this decision and the wonderful changes that come from this act of bravery. 
For the past decade, Jamie Horton faced countless challenges following his service in the U.S. Military. Jamie, who came to Hawaii on deployment, eventually became homeless at Karsten Thot Bridge in Wahiawa. It was there at the Bridge where the Achieve Zero outreach team, HPD D2 Community Policing Team, DOLE, and Councilwoman Tsuneyoshi's office encountered him. Initially, Jamie was resistant to services, but our team refused to give up on him and engaged with Jamie until he finally made the decision to enroll into HONU Whitmore, a temporary shelter program ran by HPD. 
Throughout his stay at HONU, he was able to get connected with countless supportive services. Jamie consistently made the hard decision to stay at HONU and make positive changes. In addition, he volunteered his time every week to assist in the ongoing clean up at Karsten Thot Bridge. Jamie’s courage helped him to finally reunite with his family in South Carolina on August 18th. It was a bittersweet moment as we all said our goodbyes as he left for his new journey. However, it is a beautiful reminder of what is possible when community unites and a person takes the brave step forward into the unknown. 
A big Mahalo to the HPD D2 Community Policing Team, DOLE, HONU, and Councilwoman Tsuneyoshi's office for their unwavering compassion towards our homeless brothers and sisters. Jamie's story is a true testament of what is possible when we all work together for the good of everyone! 


Where is Jamie Now? 

We are incredibly happy to report that Jamie has successfully reunited with his family in South Carolina! He is currently working a welding job and recently got the opportunity to walk his Mom down the aisle at her wedding! We are so happy for all that he is accomplishing!
The HPD CP D2 team that was an integral part of helping to make Jamie's story such a success recently received the Mayor's Commendation for their hard work, dedication, and compassion towards helping those in need! Achieve Zero Executive Director was given the chance to join the ceremony and commend all 3 officers for the outstanding work that they do! We are incredibly grateful to work alongside such an amazing Community Policing Team!


Pictured left to right: Nicky Winter, Achieve Zero Executive Director; Officer Fikani; Mayor Blangiardi; Officer Iinuma; Officer Ah You; Police Chief Vanic; Director Krucky, City's Office of Housing and Homelessness.

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Thanks to the generosity of others and the hard work of our team, Achieve Zero has been able to impact countless lives in our communities.


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We believe the critical first step is to restore HOPE and reach out directly to those who are homeless, or who may be at risk of being homeless. Our approach is to build a relationship based on trust and respect with those in need through direct personal outreach. Together with our partners, we aim to Break the Cycle and Reverse the Trend of Homelessness. 

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About Achieve Zero

Founded in January 2016 Achieve Zero saw a need within the community and sought to bridge that gap between the resources available and the individual needs of those we wanted to serve. In its infancy, Achieve Zero was a "grassroots" organization that functioned 100% on volunteers and through a "boots on the ground" approach. We were able to reach our most vulnerable neighbors. Achieve Zero has since grown to acquire an amazing staff, the board of directors, even more volunteers, and developed strong community partnerships to better serve together. Emerging from our years of infancy, our organization gained a renewed passion and refined focus to end homelessness. Our name "Achieve Zero" took its inspiration from the term, Functional Zero, which occurs when the number of people entering homelessness, does not outnumber the amount of people exiting homelessness. Achieve Zero is an assertion of our mission to end homelessness for all! 


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